9:15am: Deacon's Prayer Meeting
9:45am: Sunday School
11:00am: Morning Worship
11:00am: Children's Worship
4:30pm: Choir Rehearsal
6:00pm: Evening Worship *

* 2nd & 4th Sunday only June to August; 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays September to May
6:30pm: 4-12 Student Ministries
6:30pm: Kidslife
7:00pm: Prayer/Bible Study
8:15pm: Cutting Edge
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The movement of the Holy Spirit among Godís people at Edgewood is an exciting period in the life of this church. It is our great hope that this web site will help you to get acquainted with a few of our Church ministries. We desire that you come and encounter the Risen Savior in this group of believers. For in this body of Christ, you will find prayer warriors, who will pray with you; people of mercy, who will share in your sorrows, as well as joys; people of exhortation, who will encourage you and excite you in your Christian walk; and people of love and fellowship with whom you will just enjoy spending time with together. All of these people are found here at Edgewood Baptist Church.

God is doing a work at Edgewood that many churches and believers only hear and read about. He is certainly writing an amazing chapter now in which you and I are witnessing with our own lives. He has brought and continues to bring men, women, young people, and children with all their various gifts to create a group of believers, who are bringing honor and glory to God. This space in these few pages of text will not tell you the whole story, but it gives you a glimpse of the people who are part of what God is doing here at Edgewood. In fact, the only way to really understand what a special experience, even dare an Encounter with God Edgewood offers is to come, get involved, and see what God will do in and through you. So come and be apart of the experience! Luke 24:32

May Christ richly bless and keep you always.
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